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"ACE services offer the flexibility to work onsite or remotely, whether you're by yourself or with your remote staff, utilizing our ACE360 platform, or through ACE man-month staff or lump-sum sub-contracts."


ACE360 Service

Cloud base Working Platform 

ACE360 is a revolutionary BIM virtual server and collaboration platform designed for remote work in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) sector, with seamless syncing to BIM360. Its features, designed for remote working needs, include robust security measures to protect sensitive data; tools for administrators to monitor and improve team efficiency; integration with third-party services for tailored collaboration; expedited uploading and downloading of large files; fast syncing that mitigates internet speed issues; and support for collaboration from anywhere. It allows flexible hybrid operation scenarios and reduces the need for extensive hardware and software investments, making it cost-effective. Ultimately, ACE360 ensures seamless, secure, and efficient remote collaboration on AEC projects, overcoming geographical constraints.

The method of performing the work involves the Client declaring its required specifications, quantity, and duration for the expert workforce it needs. ACE will then introduce the best candidates, and based on the Client's selection, they will be hired to work in the satellite office or remotely. ACE will be responsible for all employment matters, including hiring and firing, and all operations and responsibilities of HR, administration, legal, financial, and accounting of the personnel. ACE will provide the workspace, equipment, computer hardware and software, and remote work facilities and connection through the cloud for the personnel. Additionally, ACE will provide ACE360, a cloud-based platform based on BIM and Revit, including all the related latest software and plugins, for online working, monitoring the work process and coordination, link to BIM 360, and more 

Technical Manpower Providing 

Remote Work Services 

"Use our platform to do your work "

"Remote staff inclusive all services with Monthly fee" 



"All work, one fixed lump sum fee."

"Our subconsulting services excel in the realm of lump-sum contracts. We bring clarity and cost-effectiveness to your projects, ensuring that all your needs are met without the worry of unexpected expenses. With a proven track record of successful partnerships and streamlined processes, we deliver the results you desire while keeping your budget firmly in check. When you choose us for your subconsulting needs, you choose confidence and reliability in every contract."


"Customized services as per requirement "

"Our integrated services epitomize flexibility and excellence in project design and documentation. We take pride in our ability to customize our offerings to precisely align with your needs. Whether you require in-house support, subcontractor solutions, or a dedicated workforce, we're your strategic partner. We tailor every aspect to achieve the perfect balance of quality, time, and budget, ensuring your project's success. With our platform and expertise, we empower you to reach your project milestones with confidence."

Integrated Services 

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